Cain Lab researcher receives a coveted award for a study on Dravet syndrome

Dr. Sunita Misra, a child neurology resident at Texas Children’s Hospital and member of Dr. Swann's lab at the Cain Foundation Laboratories, recently received the 2015 Roger and Mary Brumback Sage Award of Excellences for her study on Dravet Syndrome.

Her award-winning study analyzed the quantity and type of medications that are required to stop prolonged seizures in children with Dravet Sydrome, a severe childhood epilepsy syndrome that causes patients to experience dozens or even hundreds of seizures a day.

In her study, Misra and her team also analyzed the triggers and complications resulting from the long seizures, and how many episodes led to emergency room visits or hospitalizations for prolonged seizures.

The Roger and Mary Brumback Sage Award of Excellences is awarded to the recipient of the best junior member presentation at the annual meeting of the Southern Pediatric Neurology Society.

By Rajalaxmi Natarajan, Ph.D.

- Rajalaxmi Natarajan, PhD, 03/25/2015