Matthew J. MCGinley, PhD

Phone: 832-824-3966

Assistant Professor

Department of Neuroscience
Investigator at the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute and Cain Foundation Laboratories at Texas Children's Hospital 
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering department, Rice University

Baylor Department


Research Interest

Mechanisms of auditory perception


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Reimer J*, McGinley MJ*, Liu Y, Rodenkirch C, Wang Q, McCormick DA, and Tolias A (2016). Pupil fluctuations track rapid changes in adrenergic and cholinergic activity in cortex. Nature Commun (in press). 

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Zagha E, Casale, AE, Sachdev RNS, McGinley MJ, and McCormick DA (2013). Motor cortex feedback influences sensory processing by modulating network state. Neuron 79(3):567-78.

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McGinley MJ, Liberman MC, Bal R, and Oertel D (2012). Generating synchrony from the asynchronous: compensation for cochlear traveling wave delays by the dendrites of individual brainstem neurons. J Neurosci 32(27):9301-11.

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*co-contributing authors