Parisa Lofti, PhD


Postdoctoral Associate

Baylor Department

Molecular and Human Genetics


PhD, UT Arlington and UT Southwestern (Dallas), Biomedical Engineering,

Biography / Research Summary

I am a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Marco Sardiello's lab and I am interested in studying neurodegenerative diseases. I have been working on a lysosomal storage disorder (MPSIIIB) for the last 3 years, proposing lysosomal enhancement as a treatment strategy. I have made a mouse model of overexpressed TFEB (master regulator of lysosomal biogenesis). For the next few years, I will be working on effects of TFEB overexpression on autophagy, neurodegenerative diseases and aging.

Research Interest

Lysosomal disorder and neurodegenerative diseases