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Research Interests

The Functional and Cognitive Neurophysiology laboratory, led by Dr. Sameer Sheth, focuses on the study of human decision-making and cognition, as well as on the development of novel therapies for neuropsychiatric disorders. To accomplish these goals, we take a two-fold approach.

  • First, we work with neurosurgical patients undergoing deep brain stimulation (DBS), epilepsy monitoring, and other procedures that require the placement of intracranial electrodes. We use single-neuron and field potential recordings as well as stimulation to understand the circuitry underlying complex cognitive functions such as controlled decision-making, memory formation, and emotional regulation.
  • Second, we develop and refine neuromodulatory treatments for refractory neurological and psychiatric disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), depression, and many others. These disorders often arise from dysfunction in the same circuits mentioned above.

Thus the two efforts advance synergistically, with a constant back-and-forth flow of ideas. Because of the multi-disciplinary nature of this work, the lab interacts closely with many other disciplines, including Neuroscience, Psychiatry, Neurology, Computer Science, Engineering, Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence and others.

Research Projects

  • Developing Adaptive Deep Brain Stimulation for Treatment-Resistant Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Investigating DBS for Treatment-Resistant Depression
  • Investigating the Neural Mechanisms Underlying Ad-Hoc Self-Programmability
  • Investigating the Physiology of Controlled Decision-Making in Human Prefrontal Cortex 
  • Investigating Cortical and Basal Ganglia Networks Involved in Disorders of Mental Health 
  • Developing Novel Targets and Indications for Neuromodulation

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2023 Publications

Dang HQ, Provenza NR, Banks GP, Giridharan N, Avendano-Ortega M, McKay SA, Devara E, Shofty B, Storch EA, Sheth SA, Goodman WK. “Attenuating Side Effects of Deep Brain Stimulation in the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Using Current-Steering Strategies.” Brain Stimulation. 16(2):650-652. (2023). (PMID 36958600).

McLaughlin NCR, Magnotti JF, Banks GP, Nanda P, Hoexter MQ, Lopes AC, Batistuzzo MC, Asaad WF, Stewart C, Paulo D, Noren G, Greenberg BD, Malloy P, Salloway S, Correia S, Pathak Y, Sheehan J, Marsland R, Gorgulho A, De Salles A, Miguel EC, Rasmussen S, Sheth SA. “Gamma Knife Capsulotomy for Intractable OCD: Neuroimage Analysis of Lesion Size, Location, and Clinical Response.” Translational Psychiatry. 13:134. (2023). (PMCID PMC10130137).

Strouphauer ER, Morris OJ, Soileau KJ, Wiese AD, Quast T, Goodman WK, Sheth SA, Wojcik KD, Guzick AG, Storch EA. “Economic Analyses of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Interventions: A Systematic Review.” PharmacoEconomics. 41(5):499-527. (2023). (PMID 36840747).

Sheth SA, Cosgrove GR, McLaughlin NCR. “Introduction. Neurosurgical Neuroscience.” Journal of Neurosurgery. 54(2):E1. (2023).

Xiao J, Provenza NR, Asfouri J, Myers J, Mathura RK, Metzger B, Adkinson JA, Allawala AB, Pirtle V, Oswalt D, Shofty B, Robinson ME, Mathew SJ, Goodman WK, Pouratian N, Schrater PR, Patel AB, Tolias AS, Bijanki KR, Pitkow X, Sheth SA. “Decoding Depression Severity from Intracranial Neural Activity.” Biological Psychiatry. S0006-3223(23)00048-3. (2023). (PMID 36736418).

Najera RA, Provenza N, Dang H, Katlowitz KA, Hertz A, Reddy S, Shofty B, Bellows ST, Storch EA, Goodman WK, Sheth SA. “Dual-Target Deep Brain Stimulation for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Tourette Syndrome.” Biological Psychiatry. S0006-3223(23)00041-0). (2023). (PMID 36863881).

Gadot R, Li N, Shofty B, Avendano-Ortega M, McKay S, Bijanki KR, Robinson ME, Banks G, Provenza N, Storch EA, Goodman WK, Horn A, Sheth SA. “Tractography-Based Modeling Explains Treatment Outcomes in Patients Undergoing Deep Brain Stimulation for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.” Biological Psychiatry. S0006-3223(23)00045-8. (2023). (PMID 36948900). 

Wong JK, Mayberg HS, Wang DD, Richardson RM, Halpern C, Krinke L, Arlotti M, Rossi L, Priori A, Marceglia S, Gilron R, Cavanagh JF, Judy JW, Mioncinovic S, Devergnas A, Sillitoe RV, Cernera S, Oehern CR, Gunduz A, Goodman W, Petersen E, Bronte-Stewart HM, Raike RS, Malekmohammadi M, Greene D, Heiden P, Tan H, Volkmann J, Voon V, Lu L, Sah P, Coyne T, Silburn PA, Kubu C, Wexler A, Chandler JA, Provenza NR, Heilbronner SR, San Luciano M, Rozell CJ, Fox MD, de Hemptinne C, Henderson J, Sheth SA, Okun MS. “Proceedings of the 10th Annual Deep Brain Stimulation Think Tank: Advances in Cutting Edge Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Neuromodulation, Neuroethics, Interventional Psychiatry and Women in Neuromodulation.” Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. 16:1084782. (2023). (PMID 36819295, PMCID PMC9933515). 

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